Are you a freelancer? Are you looking for work to do from home?

I would like to mention a couple of job sites for freelancers. Whether you have experience as a web design, graphic designer, pc tech or an administrative assistant, you can find work on these sites. and Most of the jobs on here you can do from the convenience of your home and have your pay deposited directly to your checking account. The sites charge a small fee for each job you get and

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Yoono – Your Social Networking Tool

Yoono connects you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr and more…in one place. Update your status across all your services at once. Share links, images & videos across all your networks. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad! To be able to login into multiple accounts at once and update your status, is such a time-saver. I am using it and I really like it. Yoono is definitely

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2010 Facebook Marketing Guide

How should businesses create, manage, and grow their Facebook pages? Find out from industry experts and marketers! Facebook has grown into an essential online marketing channel, with over 500 million users worldwide. But how should businesses create, manage, and grow their Facebook pages? This 30-page complimentary guide was prepared by a team of professional observers, bloggers, consultants and users of Facebook business pages. Read the guide to learn: How to build a business page that

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5 Tips for Branding Your Business on Twitter

Twitter can drive leads and sales. However, because of the simplicity of the Twitter platform, some businesses overlook simple ways to improve their business’ branding on Twitter.  Taking the time to optimize your brand on Twitter is important to help capture the ultra-short attention span of users scrolling through their Twitter feeds. One way to enhance your company’s branding on social platforms like Twitter is by empowering all employees to be part of your company’s

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Social Networking

Do you ever find it hard to keep up with all the social networking and bookmarking sites that are out there? Well I sure do. It certainly can be very overwhelming just to keep your profile updated and keep up on status updates. Anyways, on that note, I joined LinkedIn today. Just another way to network myself and advertise my freelancing and my web site. Cheers!

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