Swan Lake Iris Gardens

I went to Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumtner, SC. There is a big pond with walking trails, flower gardens around and many different species of swans. It is very peaceful and pretty there. I got some great shots of the swans. They are used to people because they were friendly. It is definitely worth taking the time to go there. I plan on making another trip there soon.   617a_LG 611a_LG 607a_LG 593a_LG 592a_LG 590a_LG 589a_LG 574a_LG 568a_LG 527a_LG 465c_LG 399b 299a_LG 313b 313b_LG 321b_LG 324a_LG 343a_LG 248a_LG 246b_LG 245a_LG 242a 232c_LG  



Tammy Patterson

Web, graphic & print designer. Portrait, modeling, landscape, and wildlife photographer.

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